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Media owner:
GPN GmbH, Greinerstrasse 18, 4542 Nussbach, Austria, T +43 (0) 505 41-45 0, F +43 (0) 505 41-45 904, officemail displaygpnmail displayat

Nature and purpose of the media owner:
A manufacturing company for the development and manufacture of profiles, plastics, various types of toolings for extrusion technology.

VAT number: ATU 62966311
Commercial registry number: FN 285484 f
Jurisdiction: Regional Court Steyr
Registered seat: Friedrich-Schiedel-Straße 1, 4542 Nußbach, Austria
Legal form: GmbH (limited liability Company)
General Manager: Harald Sadleder
Ownership structure: Extrusion Technology Holding B.V., 100 %
Controlling agency: Langesgericht Steyr, Finanzamt Linz
Trade and professional law affiliation of sites in Upper Austria: Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce
Trade and professional law regulations: see legal information system (in German only –

Member of the following associations:

  • Wirtschaftskammer OÖ (Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce)
  • Firmenausbildungsverbund OÖ (Upper Austrian company training association)
  • Clusterland OÖ
  • HR Cluster (Upper Austrian regional development agency)


Greinerstraße 18
4542 Nußbach

+43 7587 504-0
F +43 7587 504-45904
officemail displaygpnmail displayat

VAT no. 62966311
FN 285484f
Steyr Regional Court
Registered Office:
Greinerstraße 18
4542 Nußbach

Bank details in EUR:

Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ
Europaplatz 1a
4020 Linz

Bank code: 34000
Account No: 266 2807
IBAN: AT87 3400 0000 0266 2807

Bank details in USD:

Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ
Europaplatz 1a
4020 Linz

Bank code: 34000
Account No: 701 0266 2807
IBAN: AT85 3400 0701 0266 2807


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